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Thermofixed Nonwoven Geotextile

Brand :LOVER

Product origin :CHINA

Delivery time :3-5 DAYS

Supply capacity :3-6 TON PER DAY

Thermofixed And Calendered Nonwoven Geotextile

Thermofixed Geotextile Description

PP/PET fiber as the raw material. The production flow of thermofixed geotextile including: non-woven technique, hot rolling and thermofixed. Thermofixed Geotextile Widely used for river, coast, harbor, highway, railway, wharf, tunnel, bridge and other geotechnical engineering. It could meet all kinds of geotechnical projects needs such as filtration, separation, reinforcement, protection and so on.


Thermofixed Geotextile Treatment

Thermofixed or also called thermal bonded.

The mainly purpose of thermofixed is reduce the thickness of geotextile.

We suggest that less 300GSM do the thermofixed treatment.


What do you offer to get an attractive offer from us:

1. Material: PET or PP ( short fiber or continuous filament)

2. GSM of Geotextile: we can supply from 80GSM-1000GSM

3. Special treatment: such as thermofixed or anti-UV or other...

4. Color: white or green or other....

5. Quantity:20ft container or 40ft container

Package and Loading Of Thermofixed Geotextile:

Inner package: paper tube  Outside Package: plastic bad


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