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Polypropylene Continuous Filament Non woven Geotextile

Brand :LOVER

Product origin :CHINA

Delivery time :5-10 DAYS

Supply capacity :5-7 DAYS FOR ONE CONTAINER

Polypropylene Continuous Filament Non woven Geotextile

Non woven Geotextile Descripation

The pp comtinuous filament non woven geotextile is made of 100% polypropylene continuous filament fibers. This gives a resistants to damage during and after the installation.Our pp long fibter nonwoven geotextile has a good hydrophobic, non-absorbent,It is good than polyester geotextile in the water supply and drainage projects.

(1) The density of polypropylene is only 0.91 g / cm3 (polyester is 1.38 g / cm3),

Under the same strength, PP geotextile have more coverage area than pet geotextile

(2) The special structure of polypropylene has excellent acid and alkali resistance, especially the alkali resistance is superior than polyester geotextile,

(3) Polypropylene has a good hydrophobic, non-absorbent, it will be great than polyester geotextile in the drainage project.

Non woven geotextile specification

1. Weight: 100GSM - 1000GSM, as your request

2. Width: within 6 meters, can be produce according to your request, such as 2m, 4m.

3. Length: as your request.

4. Color: as request such as White, Black, Gray... and so on.

5. UV resisitance, High breaking strength, low elongation, resistance corrosion and so on.

Non woven Geotextile Application

(A) railway engineering: ballastless track isolation layer, sliding layer, subgrade isolation, drainage, seepage control, slope protection;

(B) Highway Engineering: Pavement isolation, anti - crack fabric, drainage, slope protection, ecological slope

(C) the airport: Pavement Isolation Geotextiles, drainage, isolation;

(D) water conservancy projects: embankment protection, dam drainage;

(E) landfill: impermeable layer, cover layer;


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