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Polyester Aluminum Felt

Brand :Lover

Product origin :China

Delivery time :1 month

Supply capacity :10000SQM/year

Polyester Aluminum Felt

This product is suitable for the final stage of the cooling system of aluminum extrusion lines. When the aluminum profile is transported to this stage, the temperature is already very low and the cost of using the high temperature felt will be higher. However, the Polyester Felt Belt Just to make up for this. We can design and manufacture the felt with stronger tensile strength according to the characteristics of customers' use process, the temperature resistance can reach 180 ℃ (carbonization temperature), and the ring we produce adopts super grade Polyester fiber, which has good temperature resistance and abrasion resistance , Perfect to replace the traditional wood, graphite and other materials.


Specification of our polyester aluminum felt


Product Item



Inner Diameter


Seamless Belts heat resistant up to 180℃






Our features of polyester aluminum felt

1 different raw material could meet your different demands --- 600℃/480℃/280℃/180℃

2 Wide range of production --- any width & length could do as your demands

3 No seam, splice or joints

4 Acupuncture process, no elongation


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