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Poly Anionic Celluloses

Brand :LOVER

Product origin :China

Delivery time :Within 10 days

Supply capacity :1000 Tons/Per Year

poly anionic cellulose (pac)

poly anionic cellulose (pac) Feature

poly anionic cellulose (pac)  has good heat stability and salt tolerance, and has strong antibacterial properties. Widely used in oil drilling, especially salt water wells and offshore oil drilling.

poly anionic cellulose (pac) Advantage

1.High degree of substitution: 0.85-1.4

2.Good thermal stability.

3.Resistant to acid, alkali and salt: Its PH value is stable in the range of 3-11, and it can be applied to various harsh conditions.

4.Good compatibility: mutually dissolved with other cellulose ethers, water-soluble gums, softeners, resins, etc.


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