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PBO Felt Belt

Brand :Lover

Product origin :China

Delivery time :1 month

Supply capacity :10000SQM/year

PBO kevlar Felt Belt

PBO felt belt also know as pbo kevlar felt belt, aluminum industry endless felt belt, it could be used only for the aluminum profile extrusion line which produce large and irregular aluminum profiles. After the aluminum profile come out of the discharge port, and then after the initial introduction of cooling, the profile’s temperature is still very high. When it come to the feeding machine, the high temperature will soon be worn due to high temperature. In this case,PBO felt belt which could standing temperatures up to 600℃ would be a better choice. There will be added five-story high temperature fabric in our PBO endless felt belt,that will make our belt with strong tensile and will more wear-resistant.

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Features of our PBO Kevlar felt belt

High density, both temperature and wear-resistant, incision formation, no delamination, no wrinkle, no deviation, no fuzz, no elongation, no pollution to the aluminum.

Specification of our PBO felt belt

Product Item



Inner Diameter


Seamless Belts heat resistant up to 600℃








What kind of PBO felt belt we could produce? Yes, we could produce all the size you need. Contact us to talk about more.

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