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Batteries Pasting Belt

Brand :Lover

Product origin :China

Delivery time :1 month

Supply capacity :6000piece/year

Batteries Pasting Belt

Our pasting belt have domestic leading technology, we can produce cotton type belt and synthetic fibre belt. These Belts have higher abrasion resistance ,The hardness of this belt enhances coating adhesion and effectively increases life of belts. Our products are popular in domestic and overseas.


Material : 100% synthetic fibre

Technology : Needle punched

Color: white + blue

Thickness: 5-12mm or as your demands


We could produce any size you need,kindly let me know your size to get our best quotation. Thank you in advance.

Our Battery Pasting Belt Advantage:

  1. No Joint -- have no  Breakage hazard

  2.  Strong mesh structure -- No deformation, stable pasting quality

  3. Positive and negative plates can be pasted

  4. Soft and hard lead paste are suitable

pasting belts.jpg


Our product’s purpose in the production:

The pasting belt is the one of very important components during battery production(the progress of pasting lead paste).

seamless pasting belt.png

Our belt’s instructions:

1 It should be used within four months after received

2 It should be stored in a low-temperature dry environment,to avoid direct sunlight

3 It should be check if there have any sundries on the both side of the belt,in order to avoid scratching the belts

4 It should be as wet as possible when use the belt

5 It should be washed with a clean surface after half-working day

Note:on the basis of the working life,good maintenance can increase the working life

Our Pasting Belt mainly used for the Lead Acid Batteriy Pasting Machine Like: Golden Sunlight, Sovema, Blue, Mac etc.

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