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Pasting Belt For Motorcycle Battery Factory

Brand :Lover

Product origin :China

Delivery time :1 month

Supply capacity :6000piece/year

Pasting Belt For Motorcycle Battery Factory

Material : 100% synthetic fibre

Technology : Needle punched

Color: white + blue

Thickness: 5-12mm or as your demands


Our Synthetic Ring-Shaped Industry Battery Pasting Belt with a very obvious advantage is that without any joints, the surface is more even and the coating is more uniform. After years of upgrading, the service life of the Battery Pasting Belt has been greatly improved, and up to 100 plates can be reached. reducing the frequency of Battery Pasting Belt replacement and improving production efficiency. Not only support the regular size, special size can also be customized according to your requirements, according to your Pasting Machine model and production experience, improve the applicability of Synthetic Pasting Belt.


Product Installation

Before installing the Battery Pasting Belt, remove out any oil, cotton, and other foreign

materials on the surface of the belt and the roller to prevent the belt from walking

abnormally. Belts with joints are different depending on the application during

installation. Please pay attention to the belt running direction


Belt Maintenance

Keep the Battery Pasting Belt and roller clean during use. Never use stupid chemicals to

wipe the belt.


Product details show:

details of pasting belt.jpg


Factory Show

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