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Paper Machine Press Felt

Brand :LOVER

Product origin :CHINA

Delivery time :25-30 DAYS

Supply capacity :50000 KGS

The paper making felt plays an important role in removing the water after the forming section, and at the same time imparting smoothness and conveying it to the dryer section.

According the section can be divided into press felt,pick up felt,Mg felt,and so on.

The structure is designed based on different paper machines, different press positions and different paper kinds GSM. Fiber layer is consisted of different laps of fiber webs and different diameters of fibers for fiber support indexes.Paper Machine Press Felt.jpg 

paper kindpulplinear preassurespeed

packing paper


all recovered pulp

jumb press:180-280 kn/m

shoe press:800-1500kn/m


packing paper


all recovered pulp

jumb press:180-350 kn/m

pre press:100kn/m


culture paper


Virgin pulp,pulpboard,recovered pulp

Techinical superiority:

1,desig:authority and considerate customer-made design

2,easy to clean 

3,lower elogation,stable size

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