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Methyl Cellulose MC

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Methyl Cellulose MC

Methyl Cellulose MC  Introduction

Methyl Cellulose MC is a chemical compound derived from cellulose.Methyl Cellulose MC is a hydrophilic white powder in pure form and dissolves in cold (but not in hot) water, forming a clear viscous solution or gel.Methyl Cellulose MC is sold under a variety of trade names and is used as a thickener and emulsifier in various food and cosmetic products,Methyl Cellulose MC also be used as a treatment of constipation. Like cellulose, Methyl Cellulose MCis not digestible, not toxic, and not an allergen.


Methyl Cellulose MC Application

1. Methyl Cellulose MC is widely used in the construction industry. For example,Methyl Cellulose MC is used as a mixture of cement, mortar, joint cement and so on.

2. Used as adhesives of film-forming agent in the cosmetics, medicine, and food industries.

3. Film-forming agent and thickener of coating.

4. Sizing agent in textile dyeing.



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