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Industrial Conveyor Felt Belt

Brand :Lover

Product origin :China

Delivery time :1 month

Supply capacity :10000SQM/year

Industrial Conveyor Felt Belt

Early aluminum extrusion production equipment used in most of the cooling bed graphite roller, in the current production of aluminum profiles of graphite, graphite board has been gradually replaced by heat-resistant felt. Industrial Conveyor Felt Belt belongs to a kind of industrial felt belt, it with high temperature and wear-resistant, and soft texture, pollution-free, the perfect solution to the traditional graphite can not prevent scratches and post-processing of residual black mark the problem (especially aluminum Profile Oxidative Color Electrophoresis). In recent years, more and more used by many aluminum manufacturers.


The Industrial Conveyor Felt Belt includes four different types of belts(all endless) for use according to the position in the aluminum profile extrusion line cooling bed,depending on the maximum temperature to withstand(up to 550℃).


We can offer the following types of Endless Belts:

1 Seamless Belts Polyester heat resistant up to 180℃

2 Seamless Belts Nomex heat resistant up to 280℃

3 Seamless Belts Kevlar heat resistant up to 500℃

4 Seamless Belts Zylop(PBO) heat resistant up to 600℃

The most import point: all the size could be customized as your demands!

Application show:

high temperature felt belt application.jpg

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