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Geocomposite Geotextile

Brand :Lover

Product origin :China

Delivery time :10days

Supply capacity :100000m2 per day

Geocomposite Geotextile

Geocomposite Geotextile Description

Composite nonwoven geotextile for pavement reinforcement are impermeable nonwoven fabrics used to separate,filter,reinforce, protect

or drain.Geotextiles allow filtration or separation of granular layers in roads and rail applications,used to protect membranes in landfill

applications,used in coastal defence applications and used in landscaping to protect surfaces and structures from weeds and root growth.

Geocomposite Geotextile Application

1.Road stabilization applications


3.Civil applications

4.Railway work

5.Landfill lining



8.Fitration under rip rap and rocks

9.Environmental applications

Geocomposite Geotextile Features

1.It's UV resistant.

2.Geocpmposite geotextile with high temperature resistance to up to 230℃ maintaining structure stability and original physical properties.

3. High creep resistance.

4.Composite geotextile with resistance of erosion of chemicals in soil as well as the corrosion of gasoline and diesel etc.

5. With high tensile strength, thus able to adapt to uneven and irregular bases.


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