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Endless Battery Pasting Belt

Brand :Lover

Product origin :China

Delivery time :1 month

Supply capacity :6000piece/year

Endless Battery Pasting Belt

Our endless battery pasting belt is made of high-quality raw material and combined with the most advanced technology, use needle punched technology and once formed to achieve the truly seamless. Our Pasting Belt has high wear resistance and long work life: it could past 1 million plates at most. When the belt need to be replaced,there is no requirements for any direction,it could work very well after put it on the machine,the operation is simple,everyone could do that.

Our belts’ advantage

Our belt’s surface with high abrasion resistance

Our belt is truly endless surface, no joint

Our belts using tensile skeleton,there is no deformation, elongation less than 1%

Our belt apply the lead paste is very uniform,the gram weight deviation will be controlled within 3-4g

Our belt’s application

Our belts are mainly used for lead acid battery pasting machine: 

棉涂板带应用图 6.png

Our belt's commonly used size for your reference:

1770 x 400 x 5/6 mm

1770 x 420 x 5/6 mm

1870 x 220 x 8 mm

1870 x 365 x 8 mm

1930 x 230 x 6 mm

2540 x 330 x 8 mm

2566 x 356 x 6/8 mm

3835 x 670 x 8 mm

3900 x 762 x 10 mm


Now could design your belt as your demands:


Width: ____________

Length: ___________

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