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Drying Cylinder

Brand :Lover

Product origin :China

Delivery time :30 Days

Supply capacity :10 set per month

The Drying Cylinder produced by the effcient, acurate and safety griding machine MQJK84200 x 100 CNC, it can be used to grind rollers with diameter up to 2000mm, length up to 10000mm. It can be employed to grind the roller of cylindrical, conic, convex (concave) surface, etc. Machine parameter is as follows,

Roundness: 0.001 ~ 0.003mm.

Cylindricity: 0.001 ~ 0.003mm/m

Form derivation: 0.001 ~ 0.003mm

Surface roughness: Ra0.1μm

Drying Cylinder Technical Data

ModelDiameter (mm)Design Speed (mpm)Trim Width (mm)Max Linear PressureMax Steam Pressure

Drying Cylinder

Expert processing technique, Advance inspection equipment

  1. Spectrum Analyzer: To ensure the material grade by testing and analyzing the sample castings.

  2. Tensile Test: According to different manufacturing standards, tensile specimens are made from part of the castings and tested before machining to ensure the material strength required.

  3. Hydraulic Test: Hydraulic test is performed after assembling, and the testing pressure shall be twice the pressure designed.

  4. Roughness, Hardness, Runout & Roundness inspection: After grinding, the product will be inspected for roundness, and re-inspected for all dimensions & geotric tolerance.

  5. Dynamic Balancing: Dynamic balancing before packing.

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Drying cylinder

Drying Cylinder

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