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Drilling Fluid Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose

Brand :LOVER

Product origin :China

Delivery time :Within 10 days

Supply capacity :1000 Tons/Per Year

drilling fluid sodium carboxymethyl cellulose

drilling fluid sodium carboxymethyl cellulose  Feature:

drilling fluid sodium carboxymethyl cellulose is white fibrous or granulated powder. Odorless, tasteless, has hygroscopic, soluble in waterinsoluble in organic solvents.Thermally stablevery stable in alkaline solution, easy to hydrolyze when exposed to acid.

drilling fluid sodium carboxymethyl cellulose Advantage:

1.High degree of substitution, good uniformity of substitution. 

2. High transparency, viscosity and water loss can be controlled.

3.Suitable for fresh water, sea water, saturated brine slurry. 

4.Stabilize soft soil structure; prevent collapse of wall of a well.

5.Can improve mud-making volume, reduce filtration loss.

6. Has excellent performance in drilling of oil.


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