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Corrugation Belt

Brand :LOVER

Product origin :CHINA

Delivery time :15Days

Supply capacity :60000m2/year

Corrugation Belt For Corrugator Line 

Products Description :

Corrugation Belt For Corrugator Line specially used for 3/5/7 ply corrugated cardboard production lines .

Till today,we could provide the super quality belts for kinds of demanding application:

Including BHS/AGNATI/MHI/MIT/MARQUIP/TCY/ISOWA and more china corrugator machine. We study and offer the suitable belts for every application .Our corrugation belt is Divided to Normal Edge and Inwoven Aramid Edge

Products Features:

Suitable for high speed corrugated board line 

Heat and Super tear resistance

Specially developed for high-speed machines

Very high moisture absorption and release

Inwoven Aramid edge to reinforce the belts ,reduce wear substantially and ensure a longlife time .

Longlife time running

Products Specification:


Corrugation Belt For Corrugator Line 



Width range

1000mm - 3200mm


80 meters


240℃,(inwoven aramid edge part up to 350℃)

Tensile strength


Weight per unit


Air-permeability 40mmwater Column

2.0m³/㎡ min


Hot JAWlacing/Clipper with rubber coated

Suitable position

Top & Bottom belt

Corrugator Belt Seam:

1.Hot clipper(jaw) Lacing with flocking

2.Clipper with rubber coated


Products Package:

Type-I:Waterproof film+Dampblanket+Plasticbag+pallet


Note: The wooden box use non-fumigation wood box, it's convenient to customs clearance.Could save customers more time.

MAINTAIN OF Corrugation Belt “Slippage” Problem


Problem 1: “Slippage” Problem between the Belt and Machinery.

Solutions:  (1) Tighten the upper belt and lower belt.

            (2) Check if the belt tightening device needs tightening.

            (3) Replace or enlargement of the current non-slip surface

            (4) Check the abrasion situation about the drive gear

            (5) An exact copy of the excellent clarity


Problem 2: “Slippage” Problem between the Belt and Paper.

Reasons:    The friction between the Linerboard and hot plate.

Solutions:  (1) Adjust the pressure rollers.

            (2) Lubricate the hot plate.

            (3) Clean the hot plate

            (4) Clean the conveyor belt.


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