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Composite Mattress

Brand :LOVER

Product origin :China

Delivery time :5-12 days

Supply capacity :25tons per one day

Composite Mattress

Composite Mattress Description

Cover the machine weaving twisted-pair or more ground hexagon steel mesh with environmental and planting blacket, form this PP geomat.

Composite Mattress Property

1. Combined the perfect erosion resistance of the geomat, with a  mechanical tension and stronger scour prevention strucure.

2. Water permeability: it's good to discharge the pore water in the soil, reduce the pore water pressure, to ensure the shear strength, benefit to the stability of the whole structure.

3. Vegetation adaptability: Benefit to the natural growth of vegetation, realize the real harmonious unification between structure and the nature.

4. The service life is long, the economy is practical.



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