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Circular Woven Geotextile

Brand :LOVER

Product origin :China

Delivery time :5-12 days

Supply capacity :25tons per one day

Circular Woven Geotextile 

Circular Woven Geotextile are made from weaving monofilament, multifilament, or slit film yarns. Weaving is a process by which interlocking yarn is to make Woven Geotextile.


Circular Woven Geotextile Production Specification

product name

Circular Woven Geotextile 


PP/PE material, uv added weed killer mat


0.5-5.2m weed control mat or customized


50m,100m weed fabric or customized


black and green weed control fabric

net weight

70-900g high quality weed control mat


7*7/8*8/9*9/10*10/12*12 weed mat


weed control mat in rolls or in sheets with strong PP bag or customized

Circular Woven Geotextile Features

High strength

Low elongation

Optimum permeability characteristics


Circular Woven Geotextile Application

Retainig Wall

Circular Woven Geotextile can be used to construct reinforced soil retaining wall.


Embankment over Soft Soil

Circular Woven Geotextile placed on soft ground, allows stable embankment to be constructed safely, rapidly and economically.


Unpaved Road

Deploying a Circular Woven Geotextile over soft Sub grade helps to reduce construction and the maintenance cost of access and haul road by spreading the applied load over a wider area, reducing the rut depth and preventing aggregate contamination.


Paved Road

Circular Woven Geotextile placed on Sub grade, permanently separate the aggregate from finer soil, below and prevent aggregate contamination, which is leading cause of pavement failure.


Steep Slope

Reinforcement with Circular Woven Geotextile allow construction of steep slope and widening of the existing embankment when sufficient land is not available or land acquisition costs are high.


Lagoon Closures

Circular Woven Geotextile placed over unstable soft waste, allow safe and rapid construction of soil caps over filled industrial sludge lagoons.


Lining System Support

When a new landfill is to be placed on top of or adjacent to a closed Landfill, by installing Circular Woven Geotextile on top of the closed facility, the integrity of the new liner system can be preserved.


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