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Batteries Production Equipment

Brand :Lover

Product origin :China

Delivery time :1 month

Supply capacity :50 sets/month

Batteries Production Equipment - industrial casting machine CM-ZB7525

CM-ZB7525 industrial casting machine is suitable for grid casting of medium and large dense batteries, widened and thickened for the production and casting of large grids.


Main technical parameter:

1, casting efficiency: 4-8 pieces / min;

2, Casting range: L750 × W(180-250) ×T (3.0-6.0) mm;

3, the total power installed capacity: 54Kw, the actual applied power of 38KW;

4, the application of grid alloy: Lead-antimony Alloy: 1.6-7 .5%, lead-calcium Alloy: 0.08-0.12%.

5, Grid mold: According to grid drawings design provided by users.

6, Lead-melting furnace temperature control: Temperature control adjustable: 430-500 ℃, the working range of ± 10 ℃.

7, Grid mold temperature control: on the mode :120-170 ℃, under the mode :120-190 ℃.

8, Lost lead tube temperature control,: temperature control :450-520 ℃, heat for short-circuit heating, heating power 6KW.

9, Lead spoon temperature control: temperature control: 450-550 ℃.



1. The equipment has high production efficiency, good stability and good consistency of the ladle;

2. The key structural parts of the equipment are thickened and fixed to ensure the stability of the equipment and reduce the deformation of the grid.

3. Main drive: The opening and closing of the mold and the quantitative supply of lead liquid are controlled by stable and reliable pneumatic components, and the others are mechanically driven, stable and reliable. The main engine speed control adopts the stepless speed regulation of the frequency converter, the adjustment range is wide, and the speed regulation is simple.

4. The temperature of the mold is controlled by the thermocouple mounted on the mold to control the on/off of the electric heating tube. The mold heating temperature control and the temperature display are separately displayed, that is, as long as the main control switch is turned on, the timely temperature of the mold can be displayed as soon as the main control switch is turned off. The insulation of the mold is controlled by circulating water.

5. Lead spoon temperature control The thermocouple of the lead spoon controls the on/off of the electric heating tube to realize the automatic control of the lead spoon temperature.


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