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automotive interior nonwoven fabric

Brand :Lover

Product origin :China

Delivery time :20-25days

Supply capacity :700tons/month

Automotive interior nonwoven fabric


The main development direction of the needle punched nonwovens is for Automotive interior.
Needle punched nonwoven fabrics can be thin, medium and thick products, the weight of the unit area is wide, generally within the scope of 50-2000g/sm.
Nonwovens also used in Home Furnishing mainly with ,wall paper, tablecloth etc.. The quantity of this kind of needle punched nonwovens is 150-300g/sm.
Nonwoven filter material as a new type of filter material, has fine filtering efficiency, high yield, low cost, easily with other composite filter and other advantages, and easy to in the production line were pleating, folding, molding, injection molding and other processing.
Needle punched filter material is generally refers to the thick heavy, high strength, high stability, durability of needle punched nonwovens. This product is generally the weight per unit area can reach 400g/sm, high can reach 800g/sm, and some can even reach 3000g/sm, the thickness of thin also have 1mm, the last more than 3mm.
In civil engineering, it is used as support, separation, filtration and auxiliary materials, etc.. In the civil engineering, the nonwoven fabric is mainly used as the separator, filter layer, protective layer or reinforcement layer.



Good tensile strength, Environment friendly, air permeable, anti-pest, durable, high temperature resistant, soft, lightweight, water-resistant.



WidthMaximum 3.2m
coloraccording to customer`s request

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