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Some tips for novice telescope buyers

1. You need to know your purpose in advance: different usage require different volume/weight/magnification of the telescope.

2. Do not replace the desire to think: I want to be high magnification, to change times, to pocket, to see clearly 10 km away XX and so on, desire must obey the reality -- the basic laws of physics and how high price you can afford, fantasy is meaningless.

3. Do not use intuition to replace thinking: such as high times than low times good, military than civilian good, imported brands than domestic brands, big brands than small brands and so on, do not jump to conclusions, many see many ask many think.

4. Learn to compromise: in the price, volume, weight, multiple, calibre, brand and other factors to make a reasonable choice, do not hope that everything is as you wish, only a liar will tell you that his products meet all your requirements.

5. Do not choose too rare no one cares about the product: a novice in the numerous products can have a unique eye to screen out the countless players did not find the probability of quality is almost 0.

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