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GCL Installation Guidelines

GCL Installation Guidelines

1. Installation of GCL

The installation can only proceed during dry weather conditions.

Never place the liner on tope of standing water.


GCL should be placed on the prepared subgrade without wrinkles

Or folds, Position the GCL with the woven down and the nonwoven

Facing up, Unroll the GCL roll like a carpet.


For easier handing and positioning of GCL it is recommended to

Provide a lifting device which allows to lift the rolls with a bulldozer

Or front end loader,The iron pipe may serve as such a device for

Unloading as well as for installation of the liner.


On slopes the orientation of panels shall be parallel to the slope.

The panels should be secured in an anchor trench at the top of the

Slope. The requirement as well as dimensioning should be based on

A stability calculation.



2. Panel overlaps

Each panel is marked with two lines. The first located 15cm from the Edge,and the second one is 7cm further.It is recommended to makeThe make the overlapping between these two lines.which are for Assist purpose,If major settlements are to be expected the overlapping Area is to be increased.


Cover material should be placed on the bentonite liner immediately

After installtion.The thickness of the cover material should be min.

20-25 cm after compaction,The cover material should be free of stones Larger than 50mm and should be composed of well graded material.


Apply the cover over head and do not allow construction vehicles to

Move directly on top of the GCL.


3.Damage repair

Even if installation is out with utmost care the liner may have suffered some damage in the process,Due to the swelling properties of the bentonite minor defects will heal and seal themselves.

More serious defects should be marked immediately and be repaired by cutting a patch of bentonite liner large enough to allow an overlap of at least 30cm on all edges.Then place bentonite powder on the area to be repaired and cover the damaged area with the patch.


4.Attachment to concrete structures and pipe penetrations

4.1 Pipe penetrations


Before installing the bentonite liner clear and area 15-20cm deep and 30cm around the pipe from surrounding soil. Pack this area up to half its total depth with bentonite powder or paste and place the bentonite liner that is to be cut in star shape to fit around the pipe on top. Then fill the rest of the excavated area with bentonite powder and place another bentonite liner cut in star shape on top of it, To hold the second bentonite liner firmly in place it is recommended to attach it with a pipe shell.


4.2 Attachment to concrete structures


Generally speaking attachments to concrete structure should end above ground water level, In the attachment area dig a small trench along the structure to be sealed.Pack it with bentionite power or paste up to half of its total depth,Then trim the bentonite liner to fit against the wall of the structure and fill the remaining trench with bentonite powder, For additional anchorage it is recommended to affix a plastic or metal strip along the edge and cover this area with a piece of bentonite liner or a piece of fabric.




Note: All the installation method given based on the manufactuer details, Hence installer need to follow the consultant and drawing requirements.


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